Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun With Blog Statistics -- Who is Using What

We make project management software. And while we would like to do it for every platform, right now our IntelliGantt suite runs only with .NET on Windows platforms, or really good Windows virtualization platforms.

However, anyone can certainly come and look at TeamDirection's wares. And it's interesting to see who does. For example, according to our logs we recently had an XBox come check out the site. Just one so far, but you never know what might be a latent market.

For instance, Microsoft will cringe to hear that Sony has an 1,100% advantage with the number of PlayStation portables visiting TeamDireciton with a full 11 gamers checking out project management software. Maybe they like the simplicity in sharing tasks.

Mac OS makes a surprisingly strong showing, with 12.6% of our traffic. I believe this is because of our rich SharePoint integration. This lets a project manager running Windows use IntelliGantt software, and when they share tasks to SharePoint, Mac users in turn can participate via their browser. Although with a number of 12.6%, a Mac platform has piqued my interest.

Linux makes a showing, but only for 5% of our traffic. Of course, they get the same benefits as make users as Firefox browsers on Linux work just fine for interacting with Microsoft SharePoint. Linux users too can update their assigned tasks.

Finally, for the odds and ends we have the following:

IBM OS/2 12 viewers
Be OS 8
Symbian OS 1

and finally...

Windows 3.x 37 viewers

What are you people doing on Windows 3.x?

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