Tuesday, May 01, 2007

SharePoint Buzz Raffling a Free IntelliGantt Plus License

SharePoint Buzz was kind enough to review IntelliGantt Plus for us. We provided a free license for a raffle that is closing as you read this. Actually, it may have closed yesterday, but don't let that stop you. IntelliGantt Plus is a rich, full-featured solution and free is always a nice price.

Check out the review, and check out IntelliGantt Plus. And don't forget about the two new features we've just released that make Plus even better.

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Review of TeamDirection’s IntelliGantt Plus said...

Guys, I appreciate the opportunity to review your product. IntelliGantt Plus is definitely worth trying out especially since you can get download a trail for their product.

Read my review over at SharePoint Buzz