Thursday, August 16, 2007

SharePoint and Multiple Resource Assignments

While IntelliGantt works with both WSS 2.0 and WSS 3.0, I'm developing a marked affinity towards the latter. I'm sure under the hood it scales better and such, but I like the fact it models the real world just a little better. Today's case in point, assigning multiple resources to tasks.

If you are (or were) using WSS 2.0, IntelliGantt updates were done with a heavy heart as tasks with multiple resources dropped every assignment after the first-- blocked at the WSS 2.0 single assignment gate. Your sorrow over all these lost assignments may have even spurred you to upgrade to WSS 3.0. All set for the new multiple assignment feature, you probably had a bit of a shock when the task list, after publishing, looked like this:

Fear not, WSS 3.0 does indeed support multiple resource assignments, just not by default. Why, I don't know. But I do know how to activate this feature. To do so, we must modify the list settings for this task list:

Within the list settings page are all the columns available for modification. We want to change the Assigned To column:

The details for this columns shows us that it does indeed allow 'multiple selections', which because its a SharePoint member or group field translates to multiple assignments.

A quick click to make the change we want (don't forget to press 'OK')...

... and the next time you update your task list, you'll see IntelliGantt and SharePoint working with multiple assignments in harmony.

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James Fabian said...

This approach of changing the column format to allow multiple selections works, but if you use the web query tool part to show tasks across multiple lists, it will show no values if you filter by "me" or "assigned to". The only way to have the tasks appear again is to reset the highest parent column using site admin settings and selecting column "assigned to" and clicking "ok". What happens is the sharepoint navigates through every task list under the parent and removes duplicate "assign to" values. Help, this is a big problem using IntelliGantt