Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local Workgroup Screencast

Another day another screencast. They should be coming fast and happy now that the new version of IntelliGantt is coming in to shape.

This one focuses on the Local Workgroup option, which lets you use a simple Windows File Server as the collaboration hub for your collaborative projects. The configuration is usually a workgroup that has a shared drive or two. With IntelliGantt you just provide a UNC path and it handles the rest-- along with Windows User Account security of course.

I mentioned usually because we also have customers that use the Local Workgroup feature over their private high-speed fiber optic network connecting the US, India and Japan. It works great!

But if you can't afford your own line under the sea, I suggest you look at our Cloud Workspace. This takes advantage of all those 'cloud services' you've been hearing so much about and basically does the equivalent of that high-speed trans-continental fiber optic line for a fraction of the cost. But that's the next demo.

Check out this one as we show how the UI acts on multiple machines while collaborating on project. We also introduce the new Resource Pool and show how you can use the member lists in SharePoint and contact lists in Outlook to populate the IntelliGantt Resource Pool.

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