Tuesday, March 03, 2009

IT Team Workspace Integration

Continuing our philosophy of being the data conduit from your desktop to all those rich internet solutions, we've verified that IntelliGantt works well with the IT Team Workspace template for WSS 3.0. Again, its one of the 'Fabulous Forty' that Microsoft produced and follows the same design pattern of a Projects List to contain project summary and a Project Tasks to contain tasks. The Project Tasks has a Lookup ID that binds a task to a project, which IntelliGantt is happy to do for you so you don't have to for each task in your 1000 line project.

I suspect we will be verifying a few more rich SharePoint templates that follow the Projects List and Project Tasks pattern. Another template we've been thinking about is Timecard Management, which makes a lot of sense as a means to show off the new Timesheet feature in IntelliGantt.

In truth, though, we are 100% customer driven with which SharePoint templates we integrate with. In fact, if you're using a template from another vendor or one developed in house, we'd be happy to hook it up to MS Project or to our IntelliGantt desktop and leverage your investment.

We have a 'Best Practices' page up for the IT Team Workspace. On to the next template!

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