Sunday, April 05, 2009

Marking Fields with New or Unread Data

Up to now in IntelliGantt we've been marking entire rows as unread. Which is good, but considering an IntelliGantt row can have more than 100 custom fields, we thought we could do better. For instance, it might be useful to show which fields changed after a synchronization. It turns out the difference logic we use can do a field-by-field comparison, which means we can do something like this:

You can see the top two rows have unread markers on the left. More subtle is the dark gray circle in the top left of the task display name in row 2. This is the 'unread field' marker. We originally started with a similar 'unread task' marker in the cell, but it turns in to be a lot of yellow and is so vibrant its quite distracting.

The gray circle is not as visually intrusive so you won't lose track of the task data. There's also some interesting things we can do with this as well, such as changing its color when the mouse is over it. We're even thinking of making it behave like a button.

What will it do? Hmm... We have an idea for that.

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