Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Linking to SharePoint Lookup Fields

We implemented a simple user request with respect to how the IntelliGantt Web Part works with lookup data in your task lists. The issue was we were displaying the data, but unlike the native SharePoint list information, the lookup fields were not navigable. For example, all the assignments would show as expected, but you couldn't click on a name and see the user's profile. This has been addressed with build 1.0.163 we released today.

For example, here is a screenshot of the updated web part showing the Assigned To field. The visual cue for the names has changed as now they are both blue and underlined.

Clicking on a name will match the same behavior as in SharePoint and take you to that user's profile scoped to the current SharePoint site.

However, we couldn't help ourselves from adding a little smarts. If you have a link to a discussion showing, rather than going to a single page showing that that item's instance data, we instead take you to the 'Flat' view of the entire discussion. This let's you quickly see what people are saying about a particular task.

The discussion link in the web part:

The browser directed to the flat discussion layout:

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