Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thank You Bill Simser

Bill Simser had a post commenting on the 'sad state' of Groove add-ons. Since my company writes Groove add ons (among other things), he may as well have spit in my eye, insulted my dog and called me a dirty name. Maybe that's how they do things in Canada, but I like to get my facts straight before I ....

Aw hell, he's right, dagnabbit.

But the Groove 3.x writing has been on the wall ever since Microsoft purchased Groove way back in March 2005. I think other people read the tea leaves as well, so to rephrase Bill's observation: "Microsoft's purchase of Groove effectively halted development of new tools for Groove 3.x" And in fact you can see this in Groove 2007 since any custom 3.x tool will not work in Groove 2007. And, in fact, many Groove tools themselves are not carried forward to Groove 2007. Like the task list.

Wait a second, we do task lists! In fact, we are a Project Management vendor. Hey, what if we filled the holes in Groove 2007 with Project Management tools that talk not only to Groove but also to SharePoint-- Groove's collaboration cousin. And while we're at it, I've noticed some SharePoint holes we can fill. In fact, we have an awesome, friendly Project Management App that works on SharePoint and will soon work on Groove as well.

Hey, I'm beginning to sense opportunity, especially since Groove will be bundled with office. Why, I bet the time is right for a company like TeamDirection to provide a vision and a solution or two on how SharePoint and Groove can colloborate together and work for you.

Hmmm... I'm starting to like the state of affairs right about now.

Thanks Bill, I feel better.

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