Sunday, September 24, 2006

American Warbird

I've been completely remiss in my duties in sharing Kevin Kegin's American Warbird as a great time. They travel the country with refurbished vintage aircraft and take wanna-pretend-to-be pilots like myself for rides. Not only do you get to see what its like to fly these old planes, but you also get to remember the 'gee-whiz' thrill you had a long time ago as a little boy or girl.

Here's what I flew in.

That's Kevin in the back, and not me in the front. I'm taking the photo and getting ready to go next. In front. With the canopy open. Talk about a rush!

It was a gorgeous day. Temperature in the mid 60s, light fluffy clouds to fly around and a brilliant sun making everything glow.

I can't remember the exact model of the airplane-- check the site for that-- but I can tell you it can do a loop, a barrel roll and an aileron roll. And you can buy the video of yourself acting giddy as you do all three.

Yee Haa!

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