Sunday, September 10, 2006

When Should a Product Keep its Name?

TeamDirection Project or IntelliGantt? I like IntelliGantt, but do I like it enough to delay a release? Hmmm... Maybe I'll keep it in the backpocket for a while.

Even though I like the name, it seems to resonate, its trademarked and we have the domain name, we are trying to release a new version of TeamDirection Project by the end of this month. And we have a major trade show coming up in October here in Seattle (PMI North America). Do I like the new name enough to put all that at risk?

After all, its not just a domain name, but a name on every window, dialog box and brochure. And how about all those pictures in the help file. And don't forget the web site.

Maybe in the new year.

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