Monday, December 11, 2006

TeamDirection a Mindjet Partner

It's always exciting when you meet someone new. I can't speak for Mindjet, but I'm exicited!

We just became a bona fide partner today. If you haven't seen our nifty MindManager demo, check it out. If you want more information on our integration, go here.

There's a full benefits/features list available on the integration page, but the one I think is most important is now MindManager can be involved in your projects from beginning to end-- TeamDirection keeps it in the loop!

This means people who like their maps can keep them. Conceptualize your project with MindManager, let TeamDirection know about it and TeamDirection will keep that original map updated! If its on a network, then everyone can see the project execute from the comfort of their maps.

Its one way we are providing the right tools for the right people. Task information is more mobile than ever now!

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