Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Polling Our Audience

If you've been to our home page recently, you probably noticed our poll. If you didn't notice our poll, then you must have been talking on your cell phone and driving 'cause its pretty hard to miss. But just in case:

Take Our Poll

I thought it would be both fun and useful to see what customers and potential customers have to say with respect to projects currently underway in house. What I'm quite pleased about is the top two poll answers are the two projects closest to completion. How's that for marketing serendipity!

There should be a demo of the MS Project Add In next week, which is good timing as we are going over to Microsoft next week to talk to the project group. I'm hoping for general availability in the third week of January with a price point of $199.

The Basecamp integration is going well, but since its a bit more complicated, look for a demo by the end of the month with general availability in February.

I also noticed the MindManager Add In is quite popular, so we probably shouldn't wait too long for that. In fact, it's possible it may pass Basecamp integration as the second most requested feature.

Unless the Basecamp audience has something to day about that :)

Here's to an exciting 2007!

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