Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Connecting Project, SharePoint and Outlook

A couple people asked about sending Microsoft Project tasks through SharePoint all the way to Microsoft Outlook. Because the Office suite is more or less ubiquitous in corporations, many people spend most of their day within their communication hub -- MS Outlook.

So is it easier to update a task via a web broswer pointing to a SharePoint task list? Or is it easier to update a task using Outlook? While we could commission a study on the subject and possiblity come up with a definitive answer, we think the better approach is to say 'yes, we do both'.

Here's a screencast showing:

1) Starting a new project, adding resources and (very important) giving those resources within MS Project an email address so that IntelliGantt can automatically match them with SharePoint members in the site collection.
2) Sending the project to a SharePoint task list
3) Using Outlook to work with the same SharePoint task list
4) Adding a filter to Outlook so that I only see my tasks (very important for projects that have hundreds of tasks)
5) Updating a task within Outlook
6) Getting that update all the way back to MS Project

It sounds (and reads) like a lot, but its only 26 frames in the screencast, and most of these slides handle creating a filter withing Outlook.

Whether your team members would like to work with their browsers in SharePoint, or work online/offline on their client with MS Outlook, IntelliGantt helps you tie MS Project, SharePoint and Outlook together in to a single project information mesh.

Here's the screencast:


Anonymous said...

is this a commercial product? can't find links can't find website...

John Milan said...

Most definitely. I hope there's a link to TeamDirection on the top right of this blog!