Thursday, October 30, 2008

IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project Released

Just a note that the new version is now available on the TeamDirection site. The old version is also available for Microsoft Project 2003 and/or WSS 2.0/SharePoint 2003 users.

The new version is chalk full of goodies (more screencasts and case studies on the way!) and, because it supports ClickOnce technology, you'll see new features appear now and then as we listen and respond to our customer base. The best part is everyone will get these updates automatically without lifting a finger-- which is the way it should be.

Next up-- IntelliGantt Plus. We are targetting November 15th as the first beta of the new rich client. Because our experience with ClickOnce with the Add In has been so positive we will be making IntelliGantt Plus a ClickOnce application as well.

Also, we will be consolidating the two IntelliGantt rich clients (IntelliGantt and IntelliGantt Plus) in to one rich client, named ... (wait for it :)...


Thanks for everyone's help getting the Add In released. On to the rich client!

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