Friday, June 14, 2013

Renaming Columns for Projects and Tasks

You can change the names of column headers with IntelliGantt for Google by clicking or touching the display name of column. The changes you make will be part of the current project you have selected within the task list. In this way you can begin to craft the look, feel and nomenclature of your projects for team members. If no project is selected, or the very top row is selected (named 'By Tasks'), then you will change the master template from which all new projects are created. Here's how it works.

Here we have selected the 'IntelliGantt One' project that we've used in other examples. This means column changes I make will only be a part of the 'IntelliGantt One' project.

With IntelliGantt for Google all column header names are editable. Simply left-click with the mouse or touch with your finger on the column header name you wish to edit. The textbox appears ready for your changes.

Type in whatever you like for the new title. The changes won't take effect until you hit the enter key. You can always edit the column name again, or hit undo.

After the enter key your changes are not only visible in IntelliGantt for Google...

... but in the shared IntelliTask for Google as well. For example, the 'IntelliGantt One' we created earlier from our Google Site. Your changes will be visible to all your team members using the same Google Site and task list.

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