Saturday, October 21, 2006

Getting Ready for PMI Congress in Seattle

It's nice its in Seattle this year. It gives us an opportunity to do a few things we couldn't normally do. For instance, I just got back from BigInk, a local company, that does out-of-the-ordinary printing. I asked them to print an 8 foot by 10 foot banner of text and graphics and they did an awesome job.

I'm about to hop in the car, set up the booth, hang the banner and get our systems all running. If you're there, I hope you notice it.

We've got half the company helping out with the show, most notably our developers. There is NOTHING like first-hand customer feedback, and this is our opportunity to educate our developers as much as our customers.

So if you're at the show and you come buy our booth (#1220), you might just meet one of our developers. Feel free to pepper him with requests about what you'd like to see. Let him know what works and what doesn't. Educate him that writing software is more than writing code, its making it work for the end user as well. Stand up and be heard!

And then watch as your suggestions come to life.


Mark Smith said...

"come buy our booth"

How much is it? :-)

Congrats on the beta release John and team!

I've installed it here, and other than it not supporting Groove 3.1 (fair enough under the circumstances), it looks sweet.

John said...

A Fruedian typo if ever I read one.

Thanks Mark.

As for not supporting Groove 3.1, Microsoft took care of that. However we do have a MS did put in a migration utility for us so its pretty easy to move from the old to the new.

If I recall you have something behind your curtain right now. When does the world get a look?

Mark Smith said...

Hi John -

I'm busy rebuilding my main development machine but you can get a taste of one of our new offerings at the address under my name above.

Nice thing is, our very first customer for this won an award for the project they used it on, and saved a boatload of cash too.

Just don't ask be how much Scotch I have to drink to come up with product names like these :-)