Monday, October 02, 2006

How did I Miss BaseCamp's API?

A couple of posts ago I took a look at BaseCamp from 37Signals and gave it a reasonable review. Although, in all honesty, what I really want is for people to buy our product and choose the best presentation for their constituents. Sometimes a project managemer may want to share their task list with SharePoint, sometimes with Groove and I'll wager a few times with BaseCamp as well.

If only they had an API...

Oh my golly, look at this.

OK, right about now my wife will tell you how I couldn't find a baby bottle if it was in my mouth, but once I do find something, lookout-- I latch onto it like a baby with a bottle!

I'll be taking a look at the BaseCamp API in the days ahead. It fits with our philosophy: we think project data is your data and you should decide where and how to use it.

It would be really cool to add BaseCamp alongside SharePoint and Groove. Maybe I should give 37Signals a call?

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scott brooks said...

i say just run an experiment and see if it can be ported over. I think that it is a flexible product ....
good luck.