Friday, October 20, 2006

TeamDirection Project 2007 Released to BETA


A big Thank You to everyone at TeamDirection for the next generation. Good Work Everybody!

Have you ever written software and released a BETA? It's alot of hard work. And these days you have to worry about web sites, marketing and partner communications too. Remember the old days where you put your code on a floppy or two, take out a classified ad and wait?

I don't either; I'm not that old. But that's what they tell me.

I like today better. In the old days you had to worry about packaging too, but I think that's been replaced by web sites, more or less. I suppose the big vendors (Microsoft, Adobe and such) still need to worry about it. But you can download our software, with a fast connection, in 30 seconds or so. And if you like it, you can buy it in 60.

I think the software industry might actually be improving!

I know our product is improving. I can't wait to tell you why its so great, but I'll have too. I'm still tired after a lot of hard work.

Some things never change.

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