Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Face For Radio, A Voice For Writing

Just created a couple of flash demos for our beta narrated by yours truly. It was fun. Trying to distill an incredibly powerful feature into 20 or so shots with a crisp storyline and helpful commentary was a bit more difficult than I thought. Throw in a sore throat, lots of tea and a few lozenges and you get two demos.

Sorry about the voice, though. Would you believe I took an acting class while in college? Amazingly enough, I actually remembered a few of the ennunciation exercises. Who knew it would come in handy as a senior architect at a software firm.

Demo #1 shows TeamDirection publishing MindManager topics and subtopics to a SharePoint server-- and a hosted one at that (free publicity for you, Apptix). Team members then use their browser to update an assigned task in the task list. TeamDirection gathers the latest data and reports back to MindManager. We still have to package it nicely with our site layout, but you can get a direct, sneak peak here.

Demo #2 is similar, but this time TeamDirection publishes MS Project tasks and subtasks to a Groove workspace. Groove doesn't actually ship with a Task List, so TeamDirection provides one for you. It's similar to the SharePoint Task List, and only people with proper permissions can update their tasks. Once again, TeamDirection gathers the latest data and reports back to MS Project. Again, nice packaging to follow, but you can get a direct, sneak peak here.

These demos show TeamDirection Project Plus 2007. If you like what you see, go download the beta here and share a task or topic today.

And to show our appreciation for taking the time try out our beta, we are providing a special discount. Its weighted such that the sooner you try the beta, the better the discount will be when you purchase.

I know it will start at 30% on Nov 6, and decrease 1 basis point per day until we release. I'll update this post as soon as I know the link.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great product!

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