Wednesday, November 29, 2006

TeamDirection Project 2007 Released

How about that!

A simple, elegant, intuitive, IntelliGantt(!) project tool that makes it easy for project managers to connect with their teams, easy for teams to execute projects and easy for MS Project and MindManager to work with SharePoint and Groove.

I've been wearing a marketing hat for a while, but now I get to try on a sales hat. No its not tall and pointy :) It's only uncomfortable because I don't consider myself a salesman.

But, being an owner of TeamDirection means I want to know how everything is working, from developmet through marketing and ultimately sales. And I will do my best to make sure everything is coming together for our customers.

What this means for you, aside from great project management software, is you might just get a call from me some day. For the first few recipients, I apologize in advance for my stuttering and stammering-- I'll eventually sound smooth and polished on the phone.

But know also I won't be just talking, I'll be listening too. And the things you have to say have a great chance of making their way into our product.

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