Monday, November 13, 2006

Wrapping My Head Around Social Networking

I've noticed a nifty avatar appearing besides reader's comments at sites like Read/WriteWeb and TechCrunch. Then this vertical list of most recent users, with avatars again, started appearing in the margins. It's from a new service called MyBlogLog.

'OK,' I thought, 'I can be a happening dude. Let's check it out.'

So there I am.

Now what? Is this what I have to aspire to? Is it weird to feel weird about inviting people to be my online friend? Do I really want to be a 'Hot Member?'

It all reminds me of first grade. In fact, the first day of first grade. You know, the day where you clutch your father's leg with the strength of 5 six year olds? Promising to eat your vegies.
Swearing off television for your forseeable future until dad leaves and your forced to sit at a desk.

That's when you turn to your new classmate and ask 'want to be friends?' And the other kid is so happy you asked first.

But back in first grade you got to go have recess together. What's the online equivalent?

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