Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to set the Initial Timescale of the Gantt Chart

January 2015 Update for IntelliGantt for SharePoint 2013.

A customer requested that the IntelliGantt Web Part's initial timescale be adjustable when it first appears. It's just a bit of math to generate the time scale so we were happy to oblige. We introduce the 'Zoom Factor'.

It's the ultimate in precision, especially for you engineering types, as it literally is the zoom factor being used to display the Gantt Chart. By default, the zoom factor is 1.0. If you moved the slider, it will range between 0.075 and 1.925. (the range wasn't always so wide-- another user requested we make it wider, so we did).

Now when you set the zoom factor the gantt will compress or expand time appropriately (what a feature!), and the slider will change to the correct position.

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