Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Challenge for SharePoint? Inadequate Interfaces

CMSWire recently posted an interesting article about SharePoint adoption and the five biggest challenges to further growth. The first interesting nugget is SharePoint 2010 deployment is roughly equal to SharePoint 2007 deployment. As a someone building solutions for SharePoint 2010 and 2007, a growing market is a good thing.

More directly important for us, however, is one of the issues facing SharePoint (as cited by the article):
76% of those surveyed said that the interfaces were only adequate or even inadequate for their needs

We firmly believe one of those areas is Project Management and specifically the Task List. So it's not too surprising that the response to our IntelliGantt Web Part technology for SharePoint has been particularly strong. We've taken many years of experience, volumes of customer feedback and the latest technology and distilled these ingredients into a Gantt chart that at least 76% of SharePoint users will appreciate.

Things like:

Two Clicks to install the product
Feedback from every clickable image
Clickable arrows that bring off-the-screen tasks quickly into view
Native Drag and Drop for attaching files to tasks
Changing the Gantt timescale with a simple slider
Dynamic refreshing for up to the minute data
One click Item or Summary task creation and removal
Rich printing with user defined start and end dates
Explorers for combining multiple task lists into one view

and even more features to be available this week!

I can't see we knew exactly how many folks would benefit from our improved interfaces when we started down the SharePoint road. It's nice to see there's more than a few.

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