Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Filter Basecamp Todo Items by Person and by Status

As of build 1.0.70 the IntelliGantt Web Part for Basecamp offers an easy way to quickly filter your Basecamp Todo Items by who is assigned and its current status. This also means we've introduced a 'Status' field to Basecamp Todo Items with the following choices: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred and Waiting for someone else.

I know when I first start explaining this feature to folks it run a little dry. Thankfully, 37 Signals provided an extra bit of data to make it fun. Every Basecamp user has information about themselves they can provide, including an avatar url. We thought this such a great idea we incorporated it into the product:

At the bottom of the picture is our new 'People' pane. You can see that three people have actual photos in their avatar uri and two people do not, so they get the general stock image. Because 'Unassigned' is much more a concept than a person, it gets a special generic, non-descript bulbous person icon.

The idea here is not only to show who is involved with what project, but also to enable quick filtering of a persons tasks. How to do this? Click on the person (or the 'Unassigned). The task grid and gantt instantly filter the list so that only tasks assigned to the selected person are displayed. You can select addition people and their assigned tasks will pop into view as well. Unselect everyone to return to the full list.

The other thing to notice in this pane is the dropdown control at the left. This let's you select either the default view of people (with pictures) or two additional fields: Status and Priority.

When you select Status or Priority, the pane changes a bit. Instead of people with the number of tasks assigned to them, you will see a pie chart reflecting a breakdown of that persons Status or Priority choices for all their assigned tasks:

Similar to selecting people, when you select one of the choices in the list (like 'Not Started'), the task list and gantt chart immediately update so that only items matching the choice selection are in the view. You can select multiple choices (ie. 'Not Started' and 'In Progress') to apply at once. Futhermore, you can still select a person or two by clicking on a pie chart to get really granular. As before, simply unselect everything to go back to the default view.

We have detailed examples of these steps for filtering by people and by choices on our site. Better yet, we have a fully functional 15 evaluation available so you can try our IntelliGantt Web Part for Basecamp today.

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