Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Next Generation of Project Visualizations

We've taken a look at the landscape these days and are really enjoying the changes. It used to be you'd select one platform (Windows) and create your product. Now you have a whole host of platforms to choose from, each with astonishing growth rates, developer stories and potential. The trick is to pick the one best suited for your customers as well as for your own needs. Our bet? HTML5+Javascript.

Yes, we remember well the days of client side Java and the ability to 'write once and run anywhere' (which of course became 'write once, debug everywhere'). However, you have to evaluate each opportunity with a fresh viewpoint and, given the current state of HTML5, Javascript, the fragmentation of Android, the ceiling of iOS and the backwaters of 'Others', the only common facility among them all is the ability consume rich web pages. So, we are going for it.

In the coming weeks we will unveil the next generation of our gantt chart visualizations. In addition to many great new features (swimlane resources + tasks, resource support, vertical scaling, in-gantt editing and more), we will also showcase broad platform support by showing it on Windows, Mac, iPad, Google Nexus; within Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox; by mouse and by touch.

Our first offering will be with 37 Signals Basecamp, to be followed soon by SharePoint and any other platform that supports web services.

These are exciting times and we look forward to working on the next generation with you.

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