Monday, July 08, 2013

Adding Hyperlinks to Tasks

New features are continuing to roll out for IntelliGantt for Basecamp, IntelliGantt for Google and IntelliGantt for Facebook. You'll see a steady stream of new column types that become available over the next few months, but first we have not a column type but a bit of metadata-- associating web hyperlinks with tasks. With this feature you can frame the context of your task with links to SharePoint documents, YouTube videos or PDF files on your internal network.

First select the task you wish to add the hyperlink to. Here we will select 'Change 2'.

Click the '+' button since we will be adding a hyperlink. What will popup is our 'super add' dialog that lets you add both new tasks and hyperlinks using the current selection as a point of reference. Note that 'Change 2' is bounded above and below. The 'Add Task Above' boundary lets you add a sibling task or a child of a sibling task above, depending if you click the left or right '+' button. The 'Add Task Below' boundary lets you add a sibling task or a child task below, depending if you click the left or right '+'.

But we are focusing on hyperlinks in this post. For that please note the 'Add Web Link' area consisting of two text boxes, two buttons ('+' and '-') and a dropdown select box. This is a multi-function control that lets you add hyperlinks by typing in the title and the link (or more likely pasting the link) and then either hitting the 'enter' key or clicking the '+' button. When this happens the title/link pairing is added to the list of hyperlinks for the selected task.

You can immediately view the hyperlink you just added in the dropdown .

You can use this dropdown to select any of the hyperlinks associated with a task. If you don't like one, simply remove it by clicking the '-' button. When you dismiss the add dialog you will now see a paperclip next to the task in the task list. When you see this paperclip it means the task has one or more hyperlinks associated with it.

To see all the hyperlinks associated with a task, simply click on the paperclip or, if using a tablet, touch the paperclip with your finger. A dialog appears listing all the hyperlinks for the task.

Each hyperlink has the actual link, the title supplied when creating the hyperlink and, if you're running the IntelliGantt project manager tool (as seen in these screenshots) the ability to remove the link by clicking the '-'. You'll most likely click the 'link', though, and see a new tab open up with the url.

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