Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Quick Review of our Licensing

Sometimes the industry has conditioned consumers to such an extent that they assume the worst case-- no matter what. As much as we'd love to be a money-grubbing mega-corp fleecing the ma and pop shops of the world, the reality is we're the mom and pop shop and we're trying to bring the best value possible to other ma/pa shops AND even big mega-corps.

The way we do that is two-fold. One is philosophical, the other is grounded in easy economics. Let's tackle philosophy first.

Quick question-- why do most projects fail? The answer: communication. Lack of communication. Disjoint communication. Half-hearted communication. Meaningless communication. You get the idea.

If communication is improved, project success rates will improve.

IntelliGantt improves communication by making everyone a full participant in the project. It encourages the project manager to share project plans and team members to easily see their tasks, update them and even reschedule things if settings allow. Our 'Local Workgroup' solution enables this with Windows Server machines you most likely already have. Our friendly UI invites even the most jaded curmudgeon-- people like me :)

The 'Local Workgroup' scenario requires everyone using a copy of IntelliGantt on their desktop. The question, of course, is 'can't I do this with an online solution?'

On to the economics.

Yes, most certainly you can. However, unlike an online solution, you only pay for the IntelliGantt solution once. We don't require monthly fees to keep everyone involved. As you can see from our comparison with eProject (now Daptiv?), monthly fees for each user can really add up!

What's more, we even support a scenario where only one person, typically the project manager, needs an IntelliGantt license-- our SharePoint scenario.

Whether you're a ma/pa shop or the world's largest corporation, everyone likes to make a smart decision and save a buck. With SharePoint core services (WSS 3.0) you get a great collaboration platform from Microsoft FOR FREE! WSS 3.0 is perfect for creating workspaces for your team to work on projects. If only there was project software that could make it easy to publish and update task schedules in SharePoint...

Hello IntelliGantt Plus!

In the hands of the project manager, IntelliGantt Plus can publish and synchronize most aspects of a project plan with SharePoint workspaces and specifically Task Lists. Better yet, economically speaking, the project manager can purchase 1 license of IntelliGantt Plus (or the IntelliGantt Add In for MS Project), use the FREE WSS 3.0 package and invite as many team members to the workspace as he or she wants.

For example, say the project manager of the US Government creates a SharePoint workspace and publishes a project plan. In licensing theory, the project manager could invite every employee of the federal government to this workspace and all they would need is one license of IntelliGantt Plus. In fact, they could go ahead and invite all the citizens too :)

Improved communication and insanely great economics. Now that is a good deal!