Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Looking for Partners in Australia

A bit of a double-entendre, but we are looking for partners in Australia who are smart and enjoy helping people with their projects. Outside of the US, we receive more downloads from Australia than any other nation (though Germany has been on the upswing recently). And while we have excellent European partners and Mindlogik in New Zealand, Australia really does represent a land of opportunity.

If you're a reseller of Microsoft Project and/or Mindjet MindManager products, or if you're looking for straightforward ways to bring collaboration to your customers, give me a shout at j.o.h.n.m [at] teamdirection.com. We would be happy to make your acquaintance and see if we're a match.

And bonus points if you happen to be from Frankston, Victoria. It could very well be a family myth, but apparently Frankston was named after a relative of mine (yes, named Frank) who jumped in to the sea and saved someone who had great influence in naming towns. I'm sure it's a lovely place!

Thanks mate.