Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

We just posted an update to IntelliGantt and the IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project this evening. It addresses two issues:

1) Basecamp recently updated their user account information, so we changed IntelliGant to work with the update. ToDo Item assignments will now be correct when importing, exporting or synchronizing. Also, when importing, we assign a 2-day duration by default. Since Basecamp doesn't actually have a start date, we get to make it up.

2) Workspace Settings were not persisting when, after saving a customization as a default, you immediately create a second project and share to SharePoint. Now, when you save as default, the next project you share will in fact use the Workspace Settings customizations you just saved.

It's been a little light in the posting department because we've been quite busy the last couple of months. We're working on a few new features within IntelliGantt, new products for the upcoming Office 2010/SharePoint 2010 cycle and doing custom work for a major software vendor hooking their products up to SharePoint-- watch for announcements on this one soon as well.

Our roadmap?

For the current IntelliGantt product suite we will be adding a better way to handle multiple workspace settings, not just a single default. We're working with a couple customers right now who have cited a need to create, distribute and use customizations. Because IntelliGantt supports so many fields, it will be easier to send files around rather than recreate specific SharePoint field mappings.

For the next generation IntelliGantt product suite, we will of course be adding support for MS Project 2010-- both our desktop and our Add In for MS Project. We've also been pleased by the reception to our Basecamp integration and will rev that as well.

Finally, we will be announcing soon our first SharePoint web part. Look for the beta of that to begin the first part of April.

We at TeamDirection appreciate your feedback and look forward to creating even better SharePoint and Basecamp solutions for you in 2010.