Monday, December 05, 2016

Integrating with Azure Active Directory and Accessing SharePoint Office 365 Tasks

We are very pleased to announce IntelliGantt now supports Azure Active Directory authentication services, which makes it even easier for IntelliGantt to visualize and interact with your task lists across your sites in SharePoint. By using your current Azure Active Directory, IntelliGantt will require the same security your IT department expects when accessing tasks in the Office 365 cloud. For example, if your policy is set to two-factor authentication, then that is what IntelliGantt will require as well.

There is an initial setup required of IT that identifies IntelliGantt as a consumer of Office 365 data for you tenant. We've outlined the steps in detail here using the latest Microsoft portal user interface. Once this has been configured, you're done. All users defined in your Azure Active Directory will now be able to goto IntelliGantt, login with the normal credentials and easily rollup their tasks and view them in a rich, interactive task list and gantt chart.

IntelliGantt is licensed per tenant. This means all the users in your Azure Active Directory tenant can access IntelliGantt after it's been licensed. Furthermore, as you prune your Azure Active Directory membership, so too will you update the users who have access to IntelliGantt.

Finally, whenever Microsoft issues updates to Azure Active Directory, we will be right there with you to ensure safe, secure and stable access for all your Office 365 tasks.

Using Azure Active Directory authentication will also open up many more data endpoints for IntelliGantt that we are excited to bring to you in the coming months, such as Outlook, Planner and other integrations!