Monday, August 02, 2010

Beta 2 of IntelliGantt Web Part Available

Just a quick note that we posted BETA 2 of the IntelliGantt Web Part tonight. Expect a WSP installer by Aug.4 and an additional search feature.

The high-value improvements in this beta are:

1. Navigation explorer to help you choose which sites/task lists to view (click on the pith helmet)
2. Helpful icons by each task that take you to the SharePoint item in your web browser when you click on it
3. Additional column types supported for search
4. Quick help on the search screen
5. Column width persistence for each SharePoint column

As you can see the pith helmet has replaced the arrow from Beta 1. This signifies the ability to explore your SharePoint site as opposed to pulling in everything. And yes, your selections will persist!

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