Wednesday, November 06, 2013

IntelliGantt for SharePoint 2013 - Simply Powerful Project Management in Any Browser on Any Device

Ok, the wait is finally over. You've seen our releases for Basecamp and Google+ and have probably been wondering 'what about the SharePoint 2013 version?'. Basically we keep going until we get things right, and thankfully there's now a lot right with IntelliGantt for SharePoint 2013.

Our design goals are:

  • Easy to install on SharePoint 2013 -- check
  • Easy to connect to task lists -- check
  • Easy to manipulate all the task data -- check
  • Will run in any HTML5 web browser -- check
  • Will run on any device with an HTML5 web browser -- check
  • User never knows its an HTML5+Javascript application -- check

Customers loved the IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, but the writing was on the wall that the future was HTML5+Javascript. So we dove deep into the architecture that makes the web run and found it much to our liking. Yes, we liked Silverlight a whole bunch, but after producing our new IntelliGantt technology we like HTML5+Javascript even more! Among the huge wins, as alluded to in the list above, is support for every sort of tablet out there. We've tested IntelliGantt for SharePoint with iPads, Google Nexus's, Amazon Kindles, iPhones, Androids and any other form factor we could get our fingers on. We're happy to report that your fingers can indeed do the walking as IntelliGantt for SharePoint is designed from the ground up for Mouse and Finger gestures. I have to admit there's something satisfying touching a task and swiping it left or right to reschedule work.

We will be doing a series of blog posts introducing you to all the new capabilities of IntelliGantt for SharePoint. We'll cover features that carry over from IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint like in-place editing and task aggregation, we'll explain how some of these features have been enhanced (like a real scheduling engine) and show some brand new features like multi-level undos. It's an exciting time to be delivering new technology that works well with the explosion of form factors out there in the world. We're really pleased to be able to run on just about all of them while still being the friendliest and most accessible gantt project management tool out there today.

You can visit our IntelliGantt for SharePoint page for a link to the new Or you can simply read the next blog post where is detail exactly how to install it on SharePoint 2013.

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