Monday, November 30, 2015

Task Colors, Ordinals and Printing

We've updated IntelliGantt for SharePoint to enable color options for the task list, gantt chart and even task rows. Pick your exact color from a rich chooser control. The IntelliGantt framework colors can be changed on a per instance basis, which can be helpful in quickly identifying which group of sites and tasks in your selection. Individual task rows (and optionally  their children) can also be assigned a foreground and background color to bring highlighting to important tasks.

We've also made it very easy to change the position of a task by changing its ordinal value, just like you would any other number value. Simply select the Ordinal cell and type in the ordinal value of where you'd like to see it moved toward. IntelliGantt will quickly place it there (as long as its in the same task list) and even change parentage if needed. And remember, if you change your mind just click the 'Undo' button.

Finally, we enhance printing by giving you a WYSIWYG preview before sending the task list/gantt chart to the print service. This image hides the other screen elements so you can focus purely on the tasks at hand. Choose landscape layout and the print driver of your choice for beautiful charts (especially with your own colors!).

Visit our help page for the minimum installation or the full installation bits.

Choose a Color for Look and Feel
Change Task Ordinals
Color Your Tasks and Backgrounds

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