Thursday, February 22, 2007

Interviewed by Robert Scoble Today

That was fun. Of course, Robert didn't bring a makeup person, so there's an excellent chance my bald pate will be gleaming throughout the video. Hopefully the post-production can take care of that!

Don't hold your breath for the video, unless you can hold it for 3 months or so. It's always cool when people recognize you for doing something interesting. Judging by the response we've seen for the IntelliGantt Add In, he's in good company.

The other thing I learned from Robert today is just how many software developers are catching on to Amazon's S3 cloud. I'm actually working on a post for ReadWriteWeb right now covering this very topic, and I better finish it quick before its out of date!

How is TeamDirection using Amazon S3 services? That's the 'Internet Workgroup' option you see in our demo when sharing a project. You don't *need* to know its Amazon on the backend, but just in case you were wondering about scalability and reliablity... now you know.

What does it mean? It means sharing tasks with the person down the hall or a consultant in London is a one-click operation. We'll be releasing it next week, so you'll be able to see for yourself.

Back to work on my punditry, and the new website...

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Toby Getsch said...

Looking forward to the Internet Workgroup option and watching sales go crazy! :) I think that is very powerful. And, S3 is definitely making a name for itself.