Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Dashboards and SharePoint

If you're running more than one project at a time, you probably have more than one audience. IntelliGantt has already provided the best way for a project manager to communicate with the team, now its providing a great way to communicate with project stakeholders as well.

IntelliGantt now communicates with project dashboards from Microsoft (the Project List from the 'fabulous forty' SharePoint templates) and Bamboo Solutions (their newly released Project Portfolio Dashboard).

Here is a screencast of IntelliGantt and Bamboo in action.

What this demonstrates is the ability to use SharePoint both as a project execution tool and as a reporting tool. The real power with the reporting solution is that you don't need to be a member of the project to see the project summary.

As an example, say a company has 5 project managers each running 5 projects. With the IntelliGantt solution, each project manager can run their project with their teams AND report their progress to one central SharePoint site. When they report their progress, IntelliGantt will create a new entry in the dashboard if one doesn't exists, or update the entry that does exist. The overall goal is that once a week, those 5 project managers can keep project stake holders informed with 5 simple clicks.

We think this is a powerful solution and are happy to be working with Bamboo Solutions to bring it to you. And we expect the solution to only get better as Bamboo improves the web experience and TeamDirection improves the desktop.

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Steve Bumbalough said...

Which of the 'Fabulous Forty' templates do you recommend for an Executive Report dashboard. I was intending to use the 'Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects' template. However, that leaves several other empty lists, i.e. Issues, Tasks, etc. Which of these templates do you recommend for a high level summary reporting site?