Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MindManager for SharePoint Released

Perhaps you noticed that a popular desktop program just acquired rich SharePoint connectivity. Since its released I can finally tell you a little about it.

We've been working very closely with Mindjet for the last several months enhancing the core MindManager product with the ability to authenticate with SharePoint, discover its site map, acquire data from web parts and even apply simple, relavent queries. The end result is SharePoint items become MindManager topics within your MindManager maps.

We're very excited about this solution for several reasons. First and foremost-- it's built upon TeamDirection technology (yay team!). MindManager uses our TeamDirection Windows Sharepoint Services Communication library (TWSS) so that it can work with both SharePoint 2007 and with SharePoint 2010. This is the same communication library we are building our next versions of IntelliGantt on, which is great because its been well tested.

Second, we think this solution is the perfect example for what makes a desktop application so useful-- the ability to personally aggregate data from multiple sources into a view of your choosing and design. MindManager with the TWSS makes it easy to roll SharePoint data from multiple lists, sites and SharePoint servers into one visually compelling, and comprehensible, map. You could have 5 different browsers open clicking through each site in your browser, or you can have one map showing all the late tasks-- with automatic refresh to keep you absolutely up to date.

If you've been finger wrestling the mouse left-click button with all the different sites, lists and display pages within SharePoint, you should checkout what MindManager for SharePoint offers. It's a great application and your fingers will thank you!

Third, we've agreed that third parties can use the TWSS installed by MindManager for SharePoint to do their own SharePoint operations.

And fourth, it's just plain cool to see your technology in use for a product with a user-base in the millions and growing.

Overall, its been a great experience that we at TeamDirection would absolutely do again. In fact, if you have a product that you think would benefit from tight SharePoint integration, TeamDirection has the know-how, the tools and the experience to make it happen.


Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...

Hi John:

That is exciting news. I have been working closely with Henry Lewcowicz who has developed Context Organizer(, a summarization tool that works with MindManager and within Sharepoint. I would be interested in your opinion of the program and how we could get tighter integration with your services.

Brian S Friedlander
Chief Marketer

John Milan said...

Hi Brian,

As someone who worked at a data-visualization startup back in the late 90s, I've always had a keen interest and soft spot in a better way to summarize things. My general opinion is-- this is a tough nut to crack. I think Context Organizer looks interesting, but I probably couldn't recognize the ultimate summarizing solution even if it came up and bit me :)

As for tighter integration, it looks like working with the MindManager topics will do the job for you. Let MindManager for SharePoint pull in the SharePoint data and then Context Organizer can go to work.


John Milan

Nigel said...

We agree that MindManager SharePoint Edition is a really great way for SharePoint users to quickly aggregate and access information held within their SharePoint account.

You can also further improve the process by using Power Markers for MindManager, an add-in available through Olympic Limited,, that enables information pulled into MindManager SharePoint maps to be grouped and navigated with even more speed.

There is a 14 day trial available on our website which is compatible with this new MindManager edition and we are including it with all purchases of MindManager for SharePoint until further notice.