Friday, October 08, 2010

IntelliGantt Localization

We just posted an update to the IntelliGantt Web Part that supports localization. Specifically, it now supports English, Deutsch, Française, Español, Italiano and 日本語.

Just to be clear, because Silverlight applications (like our IntelliGantt Web Part) actually run on the client, IntelliGantt will use the client settings to display the localized language.

This means if you happen to have the SharePoint language display auf Deutsch but your client OS is using English, then the SharePoint 'chrome' will display in Deutsch while the IntelliGantt Web Part will display English.

For example, here we see the web part in a Deutsche SharePoint page, but my Windows client is English.

Note that the web part editing is completely in Deutsch. Note also there seem to be new editable fields in the admin section, which will be introduced in another post.

So what parts change when SharePoint is presenting the display language of your choice? First of all, your views are available in the native language:

Next, when a view is selected the IntelliGantt updates the Task List column headers to the column headers selected in the SharePoint view, including the display names. Also, the localized choice lists are retrieved as well:

Finally, we look for areas where we can use the SharePoint display language you select in other parts of the IntelliGantt application, like the popup help:

Again, if my Windows client was in Deutsch, you'd see additional changes like the Gantt calendar presenting a bit differently, data/time formats localized and tooltips all in the language of your PC.

Aber habe ich die Deutsch Sprache fast alles vergessen. So I leave it up to the native speakers to see the rest. Just head to our IntelliGantt Web Part page to try it out.

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