Friday, February 11, 2011

Key Performance Indicators - People and Choices

Folks have been asking about Key Performance Indicator (KPI) enhancements within the IntelliGantt Web Part since its inception and we're happy to report it's almost here.

Here's a 'thousand word picture':

Basically we are introducing an expandable region at the bottom of the Task Grid and Gantt Chart that shows choice fields and people. What task you select determines the list of choices and people you see.

For example, if you select the topmost 'task', which can contain multiple projects, you see all the people across all the projects. This is a nice way to see a global rollup.

If you select a particular project, then the number of visible people is narrowed to just those within the project. This can be helpful if you want to drill down on a single project.

Similarly, the available choices change depending on your task selection. At the broadest selection only Status and Priority are available. However, when you click on a task or summary task within a project, then all the choice fields from the current view become available.

As you can see, all that information can then be distilled into useful pie charts reflecting each persons allocation choice values (ie. Not Started, In Progress or Completed for the Status choice).

The coolest part? Watching the pie charts dynamically refresh as new data automatically is retrieved.

Lot's more information coming. We're so excited we just had to share a peek.

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