Friday, September 16, 2011

More Fun with Colors

The other day a customer let us know that the marketing group had a problem with adopting the IntelliGantt Web Part. The top calendar and bottom navigation controls were the wrong color. This was an instance where design (and color) matters and thankfully, because we had put in color support for tasks, we were able to quickly turn around an update that supports calendar and navigation color too. In fact, we provided an update within a week.

Here's how it works. Below is our default color palette.

I think it looks pretty good but obviously folks in marketing disagree. No problem, let's modify the 'IntelliGantt Colors' property.

We'll put in my second favorite color scheme. Note that the web part asks for two colors for both the calendar and navigation regions. We do this because a gradient looks much nicer than a solid block of color. You can enter any two colors in and IntelliGantt will show resulting blend of colors.

And the finished product:

Don't forget you can also change the branding text at the bottom right of the control as well. This will also aid in branding and keep even more folks happy.

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