Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If Anyone is at SharePoint Technology Conference Wednesday or Thursday

SPTechCon is running from January 27 - January 29th. Somehow it still snuck up on me.

I am speaking at two sessions. The first session (407, January 28 at 2:45) is a deep dive in to SharePoint web services and how desktop applications, rich internet applications or even Silverlight and Flex can connect and update data. I'm pinging our hosted WSS server right now and retrieving lots of fun XML to go over!

The other session (805, January 29 at 1:30) covers out of the box project management. I'll be highlighting the project management goodness that comes with SharePoint: task list, project task list and dashboards. I'll also be using the latest 64-bit build of the IntelliGantt BETA. Gave me a good excuse to get a new laptop-- needed a test machine!

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