Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Publishing Multiple Projects to One SharePoint Task List

We just got a question from an IntelliGantt evaluator that calls to our attention a really great feature that we didn't expose very well. That is, the ability to publish multiple projects (and their tasks, of course) to a single SharePoint list. Customers had asked for this with the previous version of IntelliGantt (the Plus version) and therefore we added Multiple Project Export to version 4.

First, check all the projects you would like to be active by clicking the checkboxes in the 'Projects' view on the left. Then on the right, in our Grid/Gantt control, click the 'Export' button (highlighted in red). This will bring up the export wizard and will allow you to send this group of tasks as a whole to a single task list.

You also might want to use Workspace Settings and apply additional filters to what will probably be a large group of tasks. For example, you can apply the 'Milestones Only' filter so that only milestones from all the projects are sent to SharePoint. Other interesting filters are 'This weeks tasks', 'Next weeks tasks' and 'Summary tasks only.'

Even more filters are available, but you get the idea. IntelliGantt helps you round up groups of projects and send the important information to SharePoint.

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