Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Worlds Best SharePoint Gantt Chart

Coming soon to a browser near you.

I thought folks might like to see a peek of the new Gantt Chart TeamDirection is working on. We're calling it the IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint and have created a brand new section in our forum to start fielding questions.

Obviously we will have screencasts and tutorials. But here's what will be available from day one:

1) It is in Silverlight 4 and therefore will use the new PRINT capability

2) It will have interactive zoom in and zoom out to seamlessly move from hours to quarters when viewing your tasks. Gantt zooming is probably the number one request from folks interested in SharePoint Gantt Charts. It's really cool to see so I'm looking forward to demo'ing this feature!

3) All changes you do to the grid and gantt will be reflected immediately both in the UI and in the actual SharePoint item. No need to worry about clicking an 'Update' button, IntelliGantt figures it out for you.

4) You will be able to include subsites and all tasks from subsites in the web part with a click of a button (the arrow next to the print image. The preview picture below is actually including subsites.). This gives the IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint simple, yet powerful, rollup capability for any hiearchy of projects.

5) Did I mention beautiful printing?

6) Extremely intelligent auto-refresh features that automatically pull down all the data, or just the changes from the last time IntelliGantt refreshed.

7) Task grid columns that automatically configure based on SharePoint views.

8) Scaling, Scaling, Scaling. We've already tested the IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint with thousands of tasks with just about zero performance impact.

And of course much much more. Please contact sales at teamdirection dot com if you'd like to give the beta a test run. The first release will be targetted toward SharePoint 2010 (both Foundation and Server) with a follow on released supporting WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007.

And finally, the picture:

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