Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Google Site Template for IntelliTask and IntelliGantt

We just published a Google Site template to the Google Site public template list that you can use to quickly get started with our IntelliTask for Google and IntelliGantt for Google solutions. We put IntelliTask for Google on the site's home page and IntelliGantt for Google on a separate page we called 'Project Manager'. The idea behind this is team members can go the the home page of a Google Site and view what their tasks are with respect to that site. Project Managers can also go to the site and use the IntelliTask for Google, or they can go the the special 'Project Manager' page where IntelliGantt for Google is available to create tasks, update schedules, make assignments and do all the things necessary for a healthy project. Also, because we put IntelliGantt for Google on its own page, you can 'lock it down' if you prefer so that only project managers can view (and therefore work with) it.

Here's how it works. First we will go to our Google Sites page so that we may create a new Google Site.

Next we will browse in the gallery for more templates.

Since it's not the most recent entry into the template list, we will need to search for it. We placed the template in the 'Business Collaboration' category. After this is selected, type 'IntelliTask' into the search box and click the magnifying glass. The 'IntelliGantt Starter Template' should appear.

Finish creating the Google Site as you normally would. One finish, on the Home page you will see an instance of our IntelliTask for Google. This is a Google Site aware and Google+ User aware task list designed to show whomever is viewing the page all their assigned tasks within the context of this Google Site. Of course, it looks a little empty right now, but we will change that shortly.

The template also has another page for our IntelliGantt for Google application. Here we will be able to create tasks, assignments, schedules, and even define what the column names are and if they are visible or editable for everyone.

Let's do just that. First we will add three tasks.

And then assign one we called 'Two' to Julia Windsor.

When we navigate back to the Home page, you'll see the IntelliTask for Google application, only this time, because it is Julia who is logged it, we see all of Julia's assigned tasks.

If Julia puts on her 'Team Member' hat, she may wish to report she is down with 'Two'. She mouse-clicks or touches the 'Done' cell to mark her task completed. This field is editable by default, but you can change which fields are visible and/or editable in the IntelliGantt for Google app. Speaking of which, if we navigate to the 'Project Manager' page we will see Julia's update in the context of the entire project.

Note that IntelliGantt for Google shows you which columns are visible in IntelliTask for Google by displaying a small 'world' image in the header column cell. Similarly, if the header column cell has a little pencil as well, then IntelliTask users can update assigned tasks for these fields.

You can change these settings by moving the mouse into the column header or selecting the column header by touching it, then clicking on the configuration cog image.

This gives you the ability to change the visibility or editability for a data column.

You can also change the display name for a data column by clicking or touch on its current display name. This brings up the editor for you to change as you wish.

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