Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coloring Tasks, Subtasks and Backgrounds

One of our more popular features is the ability to custom color a SharePoint task. We took it a bit further with the latest release of IntelliGantt for SharePoint 2013 by also letting you color the task row background and giving you the option for children to inherit the color settings. We store the color settings with the individual task in a text column called 'Color'. Therefore in order to use this feature the SharePoint Task List settings must be edited with the new 'Color' text column.

Once the Color task column is available, simply click or touch within the Color cell for the task you would like to change. The simple color editor appears.

A color value is a 6 character hexadecimal string you've probably seen on the web. Lots of tools online to help with this. As soon as a 6 character value is entered you will see the task color change.

When a color value is set, IntelliGantt for SharePoint shows it in the Gantt chart and in the grid. This let's you know the specific task color has been set.

You can also set the background color for a task row. Again a 6 character hexadecimal value is used, but IntelliGantt also takes the color and applies 33% opacity to it so as the background color doesn't mask everything out.

The color setting can also be applied to all the sub tasks of a task by clicking the 'Give children the same settings' checkbox. This lets you easily highlight a group of tasks.

Like the foreground color, the background color is shown both in the Gantt and Grid plus an additional circle in the task Color cell so you know where it has been set. This can be helpful when applying the color to children as well (which is designated by the checkmark).

You can try it out yourself today with these installation instructions for SharePoint 2013 Online or Inhouse.

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