Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maximizing IntelliGantt in SharePoint

A quick post to demonstrate two neat tricks for using the most real estate in your SharePoint  2013 site using IntelliGantt. 

First, while it's common to put IntelliGantt on a SharePoint page, like the home page, you really don't have to. You can go right to the IntelliGantt_Inhouse.aspx or IntelliGantt_Online.aspx file in your SiteAssets and view it there. When you do so, IntelliGantt will fill the entire browser window like so.

If you want to devote every possible pixel to your IntelliGantt view, just hit F11 and the chrome around the web browser will disappear. Now IntelliGantt will be as large as your monitor.

If you have a multiple monitor situation, you can do this same trick over the monitor grid and turn IntelliGantt into a JumboGantt so that everyone can see what tasks need to be done.

Finally, even in full screen mode IntelliGantt is still fully editable. This is a huge improvement over the previous version as we used Silverlight (this version uses HTML5+Javascript). Silverlight was great, except Microsoft disabled edit controls when in full screen mode. HTML5+Javascript is happy to behave as you'd expect at any size.

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