Friday, January 30, 2015

Currency and Date Internationalization

IntelliGantt for SharePoint supports custom format strings for currency, datetime and number values. We recognize in todays connected environment people from all over the world can be working on the same project. Therefore, rather than using the web browser settings to determine the format of currency, date and number values, we let you set it for everyone via the configuration.js file for a consistent view.

By default IntelliGantt is set to use US dollars, dates and number formatting.

To change these settings locate the configuration.js file your installation is using. It might be co-located with your IntelliGantt aspx page, or it might be in a separate location used by multiple IntelliGantt aspx pages.

In the configuration.js file note the property values currency_format and datetime_format. These are the strings you will be changing. We use the ISO 8601 formatting standards to define years, month, day, hour, minute and second definitions.

Here we've changed them to use Euros and a European number format (where the decimal point and comma have different placements). We've also changed the date format to day/month/year as is common throughout the EU.

Back in IntelliGantt we refresh the browser and see our desired format.

The strings support Unicode so you can just as easily use other currencies and datetime formats to suit your needs.

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