Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Working With IntelliGantt for Google Tasks

To work with tasks, you will first need to select a starting point. In this example we have selected task 'Four'. Note that because 'Four' has children, we see the expand/collapse triangle on the left of the row. Click on the '+' to bring up the add options.

Click the 'Child Below' button multiple times to add a series of new tasks. By default they will be named 'New Task' with a due date two days ahead of today.

You can edit the display name of each task by left-clicking or index-finger-touching in the 'Display Name' cell.

Any change you make in IntelliGantt for Google will be immediately updated in the project. If you ever make a change by mistake, simply click the undo button.

Now that we have renamed each of the tasks, we can schedule by either dragging and dropping in the gantt chart or by editing the Start and/or Finish fields in the task grid. Cell editing is just like how we changed the 'Display Name'. Just mouse-click or finger-touch in the cell you want to edit. Here we will focus on drag and drop operations.

You can move the mouse over the task's point in time on the Gantt chart and receive immediate feedback. When the mouse is over the end point you will see it turn grey. We don't show this feedback with the touch interface as your finger will be on the task.

Turn the task into a milestone by moving the finish date towards the start date. Once the start and finish dates are equal the task will appear as a milestone-- a point in time.

Reschedule the milestone by moving it left or right along the timeline.

To give a task a duration you change both the Start and Finish times. With the mouse you do this by starting the drag operation as above, but this time holding down the SHIFT key. This will fix the Start date to the current value and you'll now be dragging the Finish date. This operation is tough to do with just the finger so we recommend giving tasks durations by changing their Finish values in the task grid by clicking in the Finish cell.

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