Friday, June 21, 2013

What Tasks are Assigned to You?

There's an age old question. If you haven't asked it, then someone has certainly asked it of you. Because we try to make the important project management questions easy, we've created the answer in one simple link. To find all IntelliGantt tasks assigned to you in the Google+ universe click here. This will show you all tasks that IntelliGantt for Google Project Managers have assigned to you at anytime, from any computer and location. In short, it's all your tasks in Google+ land.

Here's how it works. As a project manager you create a project. It might be an ad-hoc project or one from a Google Site. After you created a simple project with tasks and identified the Google+ folks you'd like to work with, you simply make task assignment. For example, below I've assigned a task to myself, but I'd also like to assign another task to my Google+ Work colleague Julia Windsor, whom I've added to my 'PEOPLE' list.

Mouse click or finger touch in the 'Assignments' cell to bring up the editor and select the person.

That's it. Your done!

When Julia logs in to Google+ land using her Google+ ID, she can simply go to IntelliTask for Google and see what's assigned to her.

No configuration on her part, she just either clicks this link or types in the URL as the pictures show. What link? This one:

What she will see is a hierarchical list of her assigned tasks grouped by projects. Better yet, she can just click in the 'Done' column to let the world know when she's finished.

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