Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reordering Todo Lists and Todo Items

You can reorder Todo Items and Todo Lists in IntelliGantt for Basecamp either by editing its 'Ordinal' value or by dragging the picture left of the Display Name vertically with your mouse or finger. Let's start with editing the Ordinal value. Simply left-click the mouse or touch your finger in the Ordinal cell of the Todo Item you wish to change.

You put in the value of where you would like to see the item end up. So we will put in '9' for two positions down the list. In IntelliGantt for Basecamp Todo Items are constrained so that they must remain with their same parent and siblings. If you enter a value outside this range the proposed change will be ignored.

The change won't actually take place until you hit the enter key.

You can also drag and drop Todo Items vertically by left-clicking with the mouse or touch with your finger the picture just to the left of the Display Name.

Similar to Ordinal values that must fall within the current parent, vertical movement will be constrained to within siblings of the same parent. As you drag you will see the other Todo Items reposition themselves.

You can also move Todo Lists by updating the Ordinal value or by dragging and dropping. To update by Ordinal value simply click in the Ordinal cell of the Todo List you wish to reposition.

Again you enter the value of the position you would like it to be in.

However, after the Todo List has been moved, it may end up with a different ordinal value since Todo Lists can contain varying numbers of Todo Items, which affects the Ordinal value calculation.

You can also drag a Todo List vertically by left-mouse clicking or touching the picture just to the left of the Display Name.

You drag the Todo List vertically just the same, but we do collapse Todo Lists as you move so that you don't have to move past all the Todo Items as well. This makes it faster to reposition Todo Lists in your project.

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